Thursday, April 17, 2014

Minerva Blogger Network: Scout tee

Pattern: Scout Woven Tee by Grainline Studio
Size: size 4
Alterations: a 1,5cm FBA; I altered the back as explained under here.
Fabric: a navy polycotton with flowers from Minerva Crafts.

After a couple of disastrous projects for the Minerva Blogger Network (one turned out so ugly I didn't even show it, the other one needed some major editing), I needed to make something very simple and fast. Some instant gratification for my ego.

Enter the Scout Tee by Grainline! This loose fitting top needs very little fabric, no extra notions and very little time from cutting to finish. Not to mention, like all of Jen's patterns, it's masterfully drafted and has great instructions.

So I just picked one of my favorite prints from the polycotton section, of Minerva a tiny floral print on a dark blue background (although I regret not going with polka dots!) and I was well on my way. I cut a size 4 and did a 1,5 cm FBA.

But I couldn't just leave this pattern alone! I decided to add a split back for added interest and I used this tutorial. The split ended up being a little too deep for my personal taste (my bra would show when I would lean forward), so I ended up sewing the split down to the point where the panels meet. If you are going to attempt this yourself, I would recommend starting the slit at the armholes instead (like Dixie DIY does here).

And voila! I know have a cute new casual top for warmer weather! If you too are in the mood some instant gratification, here you can find the kit to make this tee.

In other news related to Minerva Crafts, did you hear about their AWESOME meet up in June? I'm extremely sorry to say I won't be able to attend (I work weekends), but you can read all about it here.
ModelloScout Woven Tee di Grainline Studio
Taglia: taglia 4
Modifiche: FBA di 1,5cm; ho modificato il retro come spiegato sotto.
Tessuto: un misto cotone blu con fiorellini di Minerva Crafts.

Dopo un paio di progetti disastrosi per il Minerva Blogger Network (uno così brutto che mi sono rifiutata di bloggarlo, l'altro ha avuto bisogno di grosse modifiche per diventare portabile), avevo bisogno di fare qualcosa di veloce e semplice. Il mio ego necessitava un po' di gratificazione immediata.

Ed ecco arrivare la Scout Tee di Grainline! Questo top ampio richiede poco tessuto, zero merceria e poco tempo da quando lo si taglia a quando lo si indossa. E come tutti i modelli di Jen, è disegnato benissimo ed ha delle ottime istruzioni.

Perciò ho semplicemente scelto una delle mie fantasie preferite dalla sezione del misto cotone di Minerva, un blu scuro con fiorellini bianchi (anche se mi pento molto di non essere andata con dei pois!) ed ero già sulla buona strada. Ho tracopiato una taglia 4 e ho fatto un FBA di 1,5 cm.

Ma non potevo lasciare questo modello così com'era! Ho deciso di aggiungere un'apertura sulla schiena per aggiungere un po' di interesse usando questo tutorial.
L'apertura era un po' troppo profonda per i miei gusti (piegandomi in avanti, si vedeva il reggiseno), perciò ho cucito i margini insieme fino al punto in cui le due parti si incontrano.
Se volete fare anche voi una modifica simile, vi consiglierei di far partire l'apertura dalle ascelle (come fa Dixie DIY qui).

E voila! Ora ho un nuovo top casual per la stagione bella!
Se anche voi siete dell'umore per un po' di gratificazione istantanea, qui potete trovare il mio kit per fare questo top.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Burda Easy SS 2014

I haven't been a big fan of this biannual special issue of Burda in the last couple of years because the tendency to dumb patterns down that we noticed in regular Burda is even more evident here.

Moreover, this magazine costs more than the monthly version but offers way less patterns. In this issue in particular, while I was looking at the preview, I felt like there were very few patterns repeated a lot of times, and they basically didn't even bother with variations. On the upside, Burda Easy usually has slightly better instructions and the patterns are easier to trace.

Let's see, shall we?


This dress pattern with a sweetheart neckline is actually adorable! I really like all the variations included and the skirt is a decent dupe for the Kelly skirt pattern by Megan Nielsen.
That ruffly thing they added to the first dress, though, symbolizes everything I don't like about Burda.

This, I also really really like. Bomber jackets seem to be really in fashion right now, and if you're looking for a simpler version of the Rigel bomber by Papercut, this might be a good option.

This top/skirt combo is repeated, as is, at least three times in this issue, and I don't really see the need for it. This is not my cup of tea at all, but I guess it would look cute on a younger/thinner girl. Not setting my world on fire, though.

I personally think jumpsuits can be extremely stylish when done and styled right, and worn by the right girl, but this just looks like the thing my dad wears when he's working in the garage. No, thanks.

 This is slightly better, but I don't like the double tie. A regular belt might look better with this one.

Meh. The jacket (blouse?) is cute but boxy and the skirt is definitely not my style at all, but it's not bad.

Uh... no. I'm a huge fan of pinafores and dungarees, but I just don't like this. The shiny fabric is not helping.

Meh again. I'm not a romper kinda girl, so I don't know. I like the zipper in the front (feels practical), but the bodice seems pretty boxy.

What do you think, guys?
There's some good and less good, but is it worth buying?
I'll definitely pass as none of these patterns add something to my (already too big) collection. What about you?

[Please don't ask me if this magazine is available in your country, I don't know! That's a question you should ask to whoever distributes Burda where you live]

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Inspiration: Lazzari SS 2014

Guys at Lazzari, if you're reading this: please hire me!
Can you imagine making these beauties for a living? Ah, a girl can dream!
In the meantime, let's salivate on these gorgeous designs together...


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sureau dress Like a Dandy

Pattern: Sureau dress by Deer and Doe
Size: 40, with alterations
Alterations: I altered this pattern significantly during the sewalong I did in 2012. The look is pretty much the same, but I added a bust dart.
Fabric: a FANTASTIC cotton batiste called "Like a Dandy", designed by Atelier Brunette and purchased from my lovely sponsor Supercut.

When my lovely boyfriend made me the ultimate birthday present, a coupon from Supercut, I went straight for the Atelier Brunette fabrics, over which I had been pining for months.
Now, these fabric are very expensive for my standards (but much like Liberty, SO WORTH every cent), so I knew I wasn't gonna experiment with them, and go with T'n'T patterns instead.

My first pairing was one of my favoritest dress patterns, the Sureau by Deer and Doe, with the extremely cute bows of "Like a Dandy". Perfect marriage much?

At this point, there's not much more I can say about the Sureau dress: I made it three times (1, 2, 3) and even hosted a sewalong with Eléonore to make it (if you want to make one for yourself, there's all the information you'll need).

Oh yes, just because the bows on the dress aren't enough, I'm also wearing a bow in my hair 'cause I'm cheesy that way.
And I was actually thinking of creating a little tutorial for it, because it's a pretty great scrap buster for me. 

Now, a few details of the dress:

... and finally, to answer the question you were about to ask: what's with the cute puppy?
If you follow me on Instagram, you already know (because I'm posting some massive puppy spam over there), but this little bundle of joy is called Dora and she's our new family member. 

When my previous dog passed away in November, she left such a void in my life, that I wanted to go and adopt a new pet immediately. But then my family convinced me to wait until Spring, because we can't keep dogs in the house and a harsh, snowy winter is not a good time to get a pet used to their new home.
In the meantime, a friend of my father told us that he bred his Border Collie, and asked us if we wanted a puppy. I've always had a huge soft spot for Border Collies, so I couldn't say no! I want to stress the fact that this was a gift, though, as I would never spend money to buy a dog, when shelters are full of lovely creatures to adopt. 

Bloopers XD
Dora has been with us for three weeks, and while she can be high maintenance (she wants to play ALL THE TIME. And she bites. A LOT.), I am completely in love with her and looking forward to all the time we'll spend together. I started some basic training with her and I'm so proud of her already.

So I hope you won't mind seeing her popping up on IG from time to time and over here to help me model new projects (and if you do, I'm sorry, but something's wrong with you! She's the cutest puppy ever! :D ).

Taglia: 40, con modifiche
Modifiche: Ho modificato parecchio il modello nel corso del sewalong  fatto nel 2012. L'aspetto del modello è pressoché invariato, ma ho aggiunto una pince al busto.
Tessutouna FANTASTICA batista di cotone chiamata "Like a Dandy", design di Atelier Brunette e acquistata dal mio mitico sponsor Supercut

Quando il mio adorato ragazzo mi ha fatto il perfetto regalo di compleanno, un buono da Supercut, mi sono fiondata sui tessuti Atelier Brunette, sui quali sbavavo già da parecchio.
E visto che questi tessuti sono parecchio costosi per i miei standard (ma come il Liberty, valgono ASSOLUTAMENTE il prezzo), sapevo che non mi sarei buttata su qualcosa di sperimentale, bensì su dei modelli amati e consolidati.

La mia prima accoppiata è stata tra i carinissimi fiocchetti del tessuto "Like a Dandy" e il mio adorato abito Sureau di Deer and Doe. Matrimonio perfetto!

A questo punto, non ho più molto da dire su questo modello. L'ho fatto tre volte (123) e ho persino co-curato con Eléonore un sewalong (in cui ci sono tutte le istruzioni di cui potete aver bisogno se volete provare a farlo).

E ovviamente, poiché non ci sono abbastanza fiocchi sul vestito, ne indosso uno anche nei capelli...
Tra l'altro, stavo pensando di preparare un tutorial su come fare questi fiocchetti, poichè a me piace molto portarli e sono un ottimo modo per eliminare i pezzetti di tessuto residui.
Ora, qualche dettaglio dell'abito:

... e per concludere, la risposta alla domanda che stavate per fare: da dove arriva quell'adorabile cagnolino?

Se mi seguite su Instagram, lo saprete già (perchè sto spammando duro con foto del cane), ma questa ciofolina si chiama Dora ed è il nuovo membro della famiglia.

Quando il mio cane è morto a novembre, ha lasciato un vuoto immenso, tanto che avrei voluto immediatamente adottarne un altro. La mia famiglia mi ha convinto ad aspettare la primavera, perchè non possiamo tenere cani in casa e un inverno freddo e nevoso non è il periodo migliore per abituare un animaletto a una nuova casa.
Nel frattempo, un amico di mio padre ha fatto accoppiare il suo Border Collie e ci ha chiesto se volevamo un cucciolo. Ho sempre adorato questa razza, perciò non ho proprio potuto dire di no! Però, vorrei specificare che si è trattato di un regalo: sono il tipo di persona che non spenderebbe MAI soldi per comprare un cane, quando ci sono canili interi pieni di creaturine adorabili da adottare. 

Bloopers XD
Dora è con noi da tre settimane, e anche se può essere impegnativa da gestire (vuole giocare tanto. SEMPRE. E morde parecchio), io sono già innamoratisima di lei e non vedo l'ora di passare più tempo possibile con lei. Abbiamo iniziato ad addestrarla con qualche comando di base e ne sono già orgogliosissima.

Perciò spero vi farà piacere vederla spuntare ogni tanto su IG e qui sul blog, ad aiutarmi a mostrarvi i miei nuovi progetti! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

La Mia Boutique 04/2014

One word to describe this issue of LMB: meh.
There's nothing really wrong with the patterns of this month, I'm just not particularly excited about any of them. I think this is mainly because of two reasons:
1. there are just separates, and you know I'm a dress kind of girl;
and 2. these patterns are mostly very classic in style, and I usually prefer something either quirky or retro.

But let's see, shall we?

There is a LOT of outerwear in this issue! I find it a little unusual, since we're fast approaching warmer temperatures here in Italy, but that's ok.
I'm not particularly excited about sewing jackets, so none of these patterns really call out to me, but there are a couple interesting one, especially the first trench coat. Jacket #19 feels very outdated to me, while I quite like the details of #22, which I think would look much better in a darker color.

MOAR jackets... sheesh! I do kinda like the first one (and the jeans paired with it), although not on me, but the second and third photos made me cringe. This is some epic 90's ugliness on display... let's not exhume it, please.

Aand more separates.
I kinda sorta like the first outfit (again, not on myself), and I really hate the second one. The macrame lace on that top looks terrible and the fit of the pants is embarrassing. Just no.

This blouse is really interesting, but it looks much more like a costume than like something one could wear in real life.
The skirt is cute, but I've seen it a thousand times.

This blouse is the only pattern I did like for myself in this issue! It reminds me a bit of the Carme blouse by Pauline Alice.
The pencil skirt is cute and every girl should own one, but as I mentioned for the previous skirt, it's something we've seen before.

And to end this forgettable issue, we have some awkwardly styled, frumpy looking plus size fashion. I did really like the gown from afar, until I saw the terrible boob gathering... I think the visual effect is really ugly. But from the waist down, it's really nice.
The jacket is just frumpy, as confirmed by the sad, sad facial expression of the model.

In conclusion... yawn.
I'm hoping for a more modern (or more retro!), better styled, less random issue next month.
This one just wasn't for me. Is it for you?