Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Italian Sewing Meetup - Primo Incontro Cucito Italiano - Milano, 28/3/15

Hey, guys!
I have a great announcement for you today!
Silvia, Marine, Nicoletta and myself (the team behind the Facebook page Blog italiani di Cucito) have been organizing the first ever Italian Sewing Meetup!The idea has been tossed around for a while now, so I’m really happy that it’s finally happening!

Here is the detailed program:

Meet up around 11am for brunch at Lab Café in Milan, via L. Scrosati 9. Brunch is 10 Euros.

The menu includes:
  • a savoury croissant or sandwich
  • a small quiche
  • yoghurt with fruit and cereal or toast with jam
  • orange juice
  • coffee
You can pay directly at Lab Café on the day.

While at Lab Café we will have a fabric swap. Simply wrap up some fabric from your stash (Don’t panic! You’ll have a chance to get more fabric after brunch).
We will put all names in a jar, then we will pick them out one at the time…and you’ll be able to choose the package you like the best… and go home with some brand new fabric for your next project.

At 2:30 pm we will leave Lab Café and head to one or two fabric stores… it will be great fun to shop or to just look at fabric all together! We will reveal the store names in the coming days.

We will wrap up the day around 5 p.m. or whenever you need to leave!

How to get there:

  • From Central railway station, take the underground Green Line and get off at Cadorna stop. Once in Cadorna, you will need to transfer and take the Red Line in Direction Bisceglie and get off to Bande Nere stop. Careful: Pay attention to the Red Line direction. There are two options: one goes to Rho Fiera (wrong direction) the other to Bisceglie (right direction). From there you can walk 10-15 minutes or take bus 95, get off at Via Soderini/Via D’Alviano and walk 500 meters (itinerary)

  • From Cadorna railway station, take bus 58, get off at Via Soderini/Via D’Alviano and walk 500 meters. (itinerary). From there you can walk 10-15 minutes or take bus 95, get off at Via Soderini/Via D’Alviano and walk 500 meters (itinerary)

  • From Garibaldi railway station, take the underground to Cadorna stop (Green Line) and then transfer to Red Line and get off at Bande Nere.From there you can walk 10-15 minutes or take bus 95, get off at Via Soderini/Via D’Alviano and walk 500 meters (itinerary)

  • Here is Lab Café (both management and name have changed in the meantime) 


Feel free to contact us at cucitoitaliano@gmail.com or write on our Facebook page Blog Italiani di Cucito.

Are you convinced yet?
Please register by March 13th by filling in the online form. Hurry, we have limited space (30 people) available! 

Ragazze, scrivo questo post emozionata come una bambina, con un grande annuncio: con Silvia, Marine e Nicoletta stiamo organizzando il primo Incontro di Cucito Italiano.
L'idea era nell'aria da un po' di tempo e sono felicissima che finalmente si stia realizzando.

Ecco il programma nel dettaglio:

Ritrovo dalle 11 in avanti presso il Lab Café a Milano in via L. Scrosati 9 per un brunch a 10 euro.

Il menu brunch consiste in:

  • una brioche salata farcita o un sandwich
  • una mini quiche
  • yogurt con cereali e frutta o pane tostato con marmellata
  • succo d’arancia
  • caffè

Potrete pagare direttamente al Lab Café il giorno stesso.

Non dimenticate di indicare eventuali intolleranze alimentari nel form di iscrizione (link sotto)!

Mentre saremo al Lab Cafe, ci sarà lo scambio stoffe (fabric swap).
In cosa consiste?
Ognuna di noi porterà un taglio di stoffa proveniente dalla propria collezione (no, non fate quella faccia, potrete rifarvi dopo il brunch!) e la incarterà.
Mentre faremo il brunch, estrarremo i nomi delle partecipanti da un’urna e, a caso, sceglieremo il pacchetto che ci piace di più. Così ognuna di noi avrà una nuova fiammante stoffa da poter usare nei suoi prossimi progetti!

Verso le 14:30 ci sposteremo in uno o due negozi di stoffe: quando riavremo l’opportunità di vedere e/o acquistare stoffe tutte insieme? I nomi dei negozi verranno confermati nei prossimi giorni.

Chiuderemo la giornata verso le 17 o quando vorrete/dovrete tornare a casa!

Come arrivare?

  • Dalla stazione Centrale, potete prendere la metropolitana Linea Verde fino a Cadorna. A Cadorna cambiare e prendere la Linea Rossa in Direzione Bisceglie fino alla fermata Bande Nere. Attenzione: Prestate attenzione alla direzione della Linea Rossa, una linea va a Rho Fiera (sbagliata) e una Bisceglie (corretta). Da lì potete arrivare a piedi (10-15 minuti) o prendere l´autobus 95 scendendo a Via Soderini/Via D’Alviano e camminare 500 metri (percorso).

  • Dalla stazione Cadorna potete prendere l’autobus 58, scendendo aVia Soderini/Via D’Alviano. Il Lab Café dista 500 metri a piedi (percorso)

  • Dalla stazione Garibaldi potete prendere la metropolitana Linea Verde fino a Cadorna e lì cambiare sulla Linea Rossa fino alla fermata Bande Nere. Da lì potete arrivare a piedi (10-15 minuti) o prendere l´autobus 95 scendendo a Via Soderini/Via D’Alviano e camminare 500 metri (percorso)

  • Questo è il Lab Café (nel frattempo ha cambiato nome e gestione!) 

Che ne dite, siete dei nostri?
Non vediamo l’ora di incontrarvi! Ma non dimenticate di iscrivervi entro il 13/03 compilando questo form… i posti sono limitati (c'è posto per 30 persone)!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

La Mia Boutique 01-02/2015

This morning I woke up feeling like giving some unrequested opinions on something, so I figured there was no better time to write a review :)

The good people of La Mia Boutique sent me a PDF of the new issue, which was not only very kind on their part (saves me A LOT of time in scanning the magazine), but it also shows they're not afraid of criticism, which impressed me quite a bit (they actually told me they do read my reviews and try to take notes, wow).

That being said, I'm afraid it doesn't make me less of a bitch harsh critic.

First of all, it's almost Carnival in our little corner of the world, which means dressing up in costumes, especially for children.
I know I usually skip the children patterns altogether, but I find costumes' patterns especially useful to have around (they're highly requested by relatives and friends, in my experience, and can be rather complicated to draft on your own) so I wanted to show them.
Furthermore, I've been working in a children store in the last three months, so I'm becoming less and less allergic to kids related stuff by the day.

This first strawberry costume looks really adorable, and quite easy to make as well.

I found this incredibly cute in its semplicity. I'd personally replace the floppy headpiece with a simpler headband with ears.

Mmph. Good idea, not liking the execution. It needs some major embellishing and accessorizing to work as costume, because it's a little sad as is.

I wouldn't have used an out of focus photo on a national magazine just because it's a jump shot (come on!), but ok.
I find this costume hilariously bad and outdated, but maybe it's just me.

Again, so sad!
If you go for American Indian, a feather headpiece is a must.

Awww, such a classic! But also, very cold! This needs a lot of layers if you want to avoid your kid going into hypothermia, so what's the point?

A Burberry print doesn't exactly scream cowboy in my opinion, but ok... Again, this needs more accessories and props to work, like, I don't know, a cowboy hat?! Presentation is everything, people!

This one is definitely my favorite although I seriously don't get the braids attached to the hood of the cape. When the hood is not on, they look really weird.

But wait, there's more! Costumes for adults!
This one, I find quite sad, and definitely not appropriate for a Morticia look... Maybe a vampire?

This one is quite beautiful, and it also includes a pattern for the headpiece.

The shiny poly fabric is a turnoff, but it's an otherwise very cute costume.

Ok now, real life clothes!
After the plethora of costumes, I decided to only includes pattern I more of less like. So, of course I included a coat. I don't like the styling here (popped up collars give me physical pain), but everything else works for me.

Two basic patterns, but quite cute ones. They also work quite nicely together.

Again, basic, but cute. Looks like instant gratification. Not much more to say...

Ooooh! Love this cape with the contrast bands! Love, love, love.

Aand, finally, a pretty cute outfit. I would gladly wear every piece here, although I'll use them more as an inspiration rather than using every single pattern here.

If you want to take a look at the rest of the patterns included in this double issue, here they are:

Aand... My job is done, I'm out! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Louisa dress pattern by Compagnie M.

Hello, everyone! Guess who's still alive? :)

I'm emerging from my loooong silence today to introduce to you a wonderful pattern for little girls, the Louisa dress by Compagnie M.

As per its description, the Louisa dress is "a vintage inspired pattern with a modern twist. Unique pockets and three back options make this a versatile pattern. Add lining according to the season and enjoy this pattern the whole year round."
The pattern includes sizes: from 1y to 10y.

Compagnie M. and I teamed up to translate this pattern, (understandably) their best seller, into Italian (the Louisa dress is also available in English, French, German and Dutch).
I really want to help spreading the love for indie patterns in my country, so I feel it's almost my duty to give my contribution as a trained translator.
And this week the Louisa dress pattern is touring around some amazing Italian blogs to celebrate its new language!

I was supposed to present to you my version today, but as I'm a very bad, disorganized blogger (as you might have noticed in the last few months), I didn't manage to finish the dress I was making for my niece Caterina in time, so that will have to wait. In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful creations by the other Italian bloggers included in the tour so far:

Dotta Sews - My Cute Sewing
 Mademoiselle Chou Chou - Mamma Craft
Mamma 190
So good, right?
Although I have nothing to show, I can't recommend this pattern enough. The design is just adorable (with that vintage touch I just can't resist), the instructions are extremely detailed (meaning: beginner friendly) and once you print this huge pdf (only downside I could find), this project is guaranteed immediate gratification.

If you want to celebrate with us, you can purchase the Louisa dress pattern with a 10% discount until tomorrow using the code LOUISA-INTRO.
(And if, like me, you're not too much into kids patterns, just know that Compagnie M. just started releasing women's patterns, like the Lotta skirt pattern... just sayin').

Cucù! Indovinate chi è ancora viva?

Oggi riemergo dal mio luuuungo silenzio per parlarvi di un meraviglioso modello da bambina, l'abito Louisa di Compagnie M. 

Quest'abito viene descritto come un modello d'ispirazione vintage con un tocco moderno. La forma unica della tasca e tre opzioni per il dietro lo rendono un modello molto versatile. A seconda della stagione, si può aggiungere una fodera e utilizzarlo tutto l'anno.
Le taglie incluse nel modello vanno da 1 a 10 anni. 

Compagnie M. ed io abbiamo collaborato per tradurre questo modello in italiano (che, non a caso, è il loro best seller). L'abito Louisa è disponibile anche in inglese, francese, tedesco e olandese.
Diffondere l'amore per il cucito e per i modelli indie nel nostro Paese è una causa che mi sta davvero a cuore, perciò dare un contributo in quanto traduttrice mi è sembrato davvero di dovere.
E per festeggiare il fatto che adesso Louisa parla italiano, questa settimana il modello sta facendo un bel tour in alcuni dei più bei blog del nostro Paese.

Oggi vi avrei dovuto far vedere la mia versione, cucita per la mia nipotina Caterina, ma essendo una blogger cattiva e disorganizzata (come forse avrete notato negli ultimi mesi), non sono riuscita a finirla in tempo. Nel frattempo, vi lascio riempire gli occhi con le creazioni delle altre bravissime blogger incluse nel tour finora:

Dotta Sews My Cute Sewing
 Mademoiselle Chou Chou - Mamma Craft
Mamma 190
Bellissime, no?
Nonostante non abbia nulla da mostrare, non posso che raccomandarvi questo modello con tutto il cuore. Il design parla da sé ed è decisamente adorabile, con quel tocco vintage a cui io proprio non so resistere, le istruzioni sono estremamente dettagliate (e quindi a prova di principianti) e una volta stampato l'enorme pdf del modello (unica pecca di Louisa, a mio parere), si tratta di un progetto veloce e gratificante.

Se volete partecipare ai festeggiamenti con noi, potete acquistare il modello dell'abito Louisa con uno sconto del 10% fino a domani usando il codice LOUISA-INTRO.
(E se, come me, non siete estremamente interessate ai modelli per bambini, sappiate che Compagnie M. ha appena iniziato a vendere anche modelli da donna, come ad esempio la gonna Lotta...)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Burdastyle Magazine 11/2014

Here we go again!

Some of you actually told me they were missing my reviews, which made me feel so warm in my heart! I have a lot of fun writing them anyway, so I just had to get back on the horse!

Disclaimer: this issue of Burda was given to me, but I can assure you I'm still unbiased.

As I usually do, let me start with the patterns in this issue I actually did like:
Of course, a pretty, pretty dress!
This looks spectacular on the model (love the fabric), the draped panel of the bodice looks pretty great, and that little cape! So dramatic, but not too much.
Stamp of approval: earned. Will I make it? Probably not, unless the perfect occasion for it rises up. Definitely more of a Summer dress, tho.

I said many times I'm partial to Burda's outerweat and to big, dramatic collars, and this little coat is no exception. The fabric choice and the styling are definitely helping here.

Again, outerwear I like. Once again, I really love what they did with the fabric choice here, and it shouldn't be too hard to replicate this print-mizing...
Also, the minimal silhouette is very chic. Love!

Mmh... I'm very torn here. On one side, I like the poofy shoulders and the way this t-shirt looks on the model... On the other... I can't help but think this looks a bit weird. Help me decide, you guys.

You know what I think of Burda's array of rectangle patterns... I thought "this could almost look cool", but not really. The fabric is quite beautiful, but it still looks like she's wearing a blanket (a look that so few women can make work, imho). So... no.
And let me reiterate my usual point with these patterns: do you really want to spend time tracing a rectangle from an intricate sheet and add seam allowance to it?

Mmh... Again, no thanks. I once again almost thought this looked pretty, but the folded napkin hem and weird sleeves just defeated me. No.

And finally, we have a few gowns inspired by movies.
I really, really loved the idea, but I'm not very happy with the execution.

This red number is inspired by the one worn by Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman". Well, it does look like it belongs 24 years in the past. The neckline is a bit vulgar for my taste and the knot "right there" is just a huge no-no for me.

Again, so tacky!
This gown is inspired by Bérénice Marlohe in "Skyfall". I found this video about the original dress, and you can really tell the difference. The lace used here looks so cheap in comparison... It's a great costume for a 007 character, but I don't think it translates too well in real life.

And this... this is the worst of all. It's inspired by a gown worn by Leslie Caron in "An American in Paris". I don't really like the original look either, but I get it as a ballet costume. This just looks like the skirt was caught in a shredder (and the non-color is terrible)... Nope.

The issue contains three more "diva"- inspired looks, and tbh, I don't like any of them.
There are also some forgettable plus-size patterns and some ADORABLE baby patterns.

All in all, not the best issue for me personally, but not the worst either. At least, I liked the styling in most photos and some of the ideas.

Did anything tickle your fancy?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

2 Bronte Tops for Perfect Pattern Parcel #

Size: 10
Alterations: for the striped top, I shortened the long sleeves into elbow length
Fabric: both knits were from my stash, the striped one is the same I used for my Mariposa tee

So I've been asked again (see my first time here) to participate to the Perfect Pattern Parcel tour, and of course I said yes!
Not only do I get to try out some new indie patterns, I get to do it for charity as well.

Skirt: Zara (old)
Boots: OVS (old)

I must say pretty much all the patterns included in the pack are really awesome (see list below), but I was conquered by the Bronte top. Jennifer actually asked me to be a tester when the pattern came out, but I was having a really busy period, so I sadly declined.
But now that this gorgeous knit pattern has magically returned into my life, I just had to make it.

Skirt: handmade
Boots: Les Lolitas (very old)
I liked the first version so much that I immediately made a second one!
I love them both equally (although knowing myself, I'll probably wear the striped one more), and in these photos you can really see how versatile this pattern is, working really well in two very different outfits.

Jennifer did a great job on this pattern on all levels.
I love the fit, which is very snug; if your stomach is an area you want to conceal, you will definitely need some alterations, but for me, liking my knits to be very snug and form fitting, this is absolutely perfect.
The instructions are very well written and illustrated. There are also some tips on how to choose and how to sew knits, which never hurts.

Here you can see a few constructions details: the black thread on top is the lighting stitch used to sew the band to the neckline; the white thread is the serger seam I used to finish the edge (too lazy to re-thread my serger with black...), and in the middle, you can see the wrong side of the double needle stitches.

This is how hemmed both the bottom and sleeves.
The pattern instructions say to fold the fabric twice and topstitch, but in order to avoid bulk, I turned the fabric once, machine basted, then used the double needle on the right side, and then trimmed the excess close to the seam.
If you finish the bottom edge with a serger before doing the rest, the result will look even nicer; I didn't bother (again, too lazy) and it looks ok anyway.

I also tried the Hudson pants included in the Parcel and I was enthusiastic about them, but having used a really fugly fabric, I didn't even bother taking photos... But they do have my stamp of approval too!
I also want to eventually try the Zsalya Dress by Kate and Rose: such a beautiful design!

I'll leave you to the details of the Parcel, as well as to a link for purchasing it... Think about it, it's a great chance for you and to do something good :D 

Pattern Parcel #6: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win

How Pattern Parcel Works:
Here at Perfect Pattern Parcel, we believe in supporting independent pattern designers. It’s our opinion that indie patterns are just, well, better than big box patterns, and we’re pretty sure our customers think so too. So, we allow customers to show their support in naming their own price for each Parcel.
We also encourage customers to allocate part of their Parcel price to the charity Donorschoose.org in order to help classrooms in need. Pattern Parcel donates all profits after expenses from Parcel sales to the charity as well. Together we've raised over $12,000 for classrooms in need!

Parcel #6 includes: 

Bonus Pattern:
Choose a price of $32 or greater for Parcel #6 and you will automatically also be sent the Bonus Pattern! That's only $5 a pattern. The Bonus Pattern for this Parcel is the Odette Dress by Bluegingerdoll. Vintage inspired silhouette is had two flattering necklines and a gorgeous skirt.  The Odette Dress pattern goes from a size 4 through a 24!

Pattern Parcel #6: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win

Taglia: 10
Modifiche: per la versione a righe, ho accorciato le maniche ai gomiti
Tessuto: entrambi i tessuti erano nella mia collezione da un bel po', quello a righe era un avanzo della Mariposa tee fatta tempo fa

Mi è stato chiesto nuovamente (la mia prima volta qui) di partecipare al tour per il Perfect Pattern Parcel, e ovviamente ho detto di sì!
Non solo ho la chance di provare nuovi modelli indie (sì, sono drogata), ma lo posso pure fare per beneficenza!
Gonna: Zara (vecchia)

Stivali: OVS (vecchi)
Devo dire che quasi tutti i modelli inclusi nel pacchetto sono fantastici (trovate la lista qui sotto), ma sono stata conquistata dal Bronte top. In realtà, Jennifer mi aveva chiesto se volevo fare da tester quando è uscito il modello, ma avevo tristemente dovuto rifiutare a causa di un perdiodo un po' troppo impegnato. 
Ma ora che questo bellissimo modello è tornato come per magia nella mia vita, dovevo assolutamente farlo!

Gonna: Fatta da me

Stivali: Les Lolitas (molto vecchi)
E il primo mi è piaciuto così tanto che ne ho fatto subito un altro! 
Li amo entrambi in maniera uguale (anche se, conoscendomi, porterò di più quello a righe), e in queste foto potete vedere com'è versatile questo modello, perfettamente adatto a due outfit molto diversi. 

Jennifer ha fatto un lavoro sopraffino con questo modello. 
Innanzitutto amo la vestibilità, molto molto vicina al corpo. Se non vi piace mettere in evidenza la pancia avrete sicuramente delle modifiche da fare, ma per me, a cui piacciono le maglie belle strette, è semplicemente perfetta.

Le istruzioni, poi, sono molto ben scritte e illustrate. Ci sono anche molti consigli su come scegliere e cucire i tessuti elasticizzati, cosa essenziale per una principiante e che non fa mai male ripetere a chi è più esperta.

Qui potete vedere qualche dettaglio di costruzione: il filo nero in alto è il punto elasticizzato con cui ho cucito la banda alla scollatura; il filo bianco è quello della tagliacuci (sono stata troppo pigra per reinfilarla di nero...) con cui ho rifinito il bordo, e infine, il filo nero nel centro è il rovescio della cucitura con l'ago doppio. 

Questo è il metodo che ho usato per l'orlo in fondo e delle maniche.
Le istruzioni dicono di piegare il bordo due volte e ribattere, ma per evitare troppo spessore io ho piegato una volta sola, ho imbastito a macchina e, dal diritto, ho cucito con l'ago doppio. Ho poi tagliato l'eccesso di stoffa ben vicino alla cucitura.
Se rifinite il bordo con la tagliacuci prima di imbastire, il risultato sarà ancora più carino (d nuovo, io sono stata troppo pigra), ma a me piace anche così. 

Del pacchetto, ho anche provato i pantaloni Hudson e ne sono rimasta entusiasta, ma li ho fatti in un tessuto veramente osceno, perciò mi sono risparmiata le foto... Tuttavia, li consiglio caldamente!
Prima o poi voglio anche provare l'abito Zsalya Dress di Kate and Rose: un design bellissimo!

Ora vi lascio ai dettagli del Parcel, e a un link per l'acquisto... Fateci un pensierino, è una bella occasione per voi stesso e per fare un bel gesto contemporaneamente! :D

Pattern Parcel #6: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win
Come Funziona Pattern Parcel:
Noi di Perfect Pattern Parcel, crediamo nel sostenere i designer di modelli indipendenti. Crediamo che i modelli indie siano migliori di quelli dei grandi marchi e siamo piuttosto sicuri che anche i nostri clienti lo pensino. Perciò, facciamo in modo che i nostri clienti mostrino il loro supporto decidendo il proprio prezzo per ogni Parcel.

Incoraggiamo anche i clienti ad destinare parte del prezzo del loro Parcel all'organizzazione Donorschoose.org per aiutare delle classi in necessità. Pattern Parcel dona tutti i proventi, spese escluse, a questa organizzazione. Insieme abbiamo raccolto più di 12mila dollari per classi in difficoltà!

Il Parcel #6 include: 
MODELLO BONUS: Abito Odette di Bluegingerdoll

Modello Bonus:

Scegliete un prezzo di $32 o più per il Parcel #6 e vi verrà mandato automaticamente il modello bonus! Per questo Parcel, si tratta dell'abito Odette di Bluegingerdoll. Con una silhouette di ispirazione vintage, ha due varianti di scollatura e una bellissima gonna. Va dalle taglie 4 a 24!

Pattern Parcel #6: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win